Manifest Your Dreams Workshop - Participant Testimonial

“I was struggling to find clarity in exactly what I wanted to do and didn’t really have the confidence in myself to do it, let alone acknowledge my dreams. I felt like I was given the permission to let go of one chapter I felt like I was required to hold on to. It was a relief hearing that someone else had given up their traditional career path, started a new one that didn’t fit the norm, and was happy with the decision. I had trouble seeing beyond what could be, because I didn’t know anyone who’d really done it before. I’m giving myself more creative freedom to pursue what interests me, and sharing what I’ve made, not just what I think people want to see. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. I’ve also booked my first maker’s market, at The Broad Room at the urging of Alex.

What would you say to someone who was considering participating in this workshop?

Do it. It was a new experience for me. I’d never meditated, but I really enjoyed it and think it gave me some clarity. I also really liked the time to draw/paint whatever I wanted that wasn’t part of designing or working on an order.”

-Sam Jarosz, Shop Owner, Harry & Harley



“My session with Alexandra was one of the most enlightening and exciting experiences. I am still in awe at her deep, valuable insights which she delivers in equal parts firmness and pure compassion. She simply will not allow you to hide from your truth. She will provide an expansive, open, understanding space for you to explore the depths of your own being and cultivate your highest self. I began the call with some hesitation and resistance, as I don't usually do these kinds of things, and by the time we hung up I had (quite literally) transformed into an unstoppable, wise, fiery, confident Dragon, ready to hold myself accountable and accept nothing less. THANK YOU, Alexandra, for the fun, beautiful, incredible adventure you fearlessly lead me through. Your work is truly needed and deeply impactful, and I am forever grateful.”

"Alexandra lives boldness, she lives it with her whole heart. And in living her boldness, she is able to give and inspire boldness in others with pure grace and unstoppable energy"

-Mandy Lechner, Children's Book Illustrator



"Having a Boldness session with Alexandra was really helpful and fun. Alexandra asks the questions that help you explore your worries, and helps you reach an answer/solution you already had but didn't know was there! It's like talking to a friend who makes you feel great, but also teaches you. She is a fantastic listener and can really decipher what you are trying to say. I got a lot out of our session, and I am putting into practice the motivation and tools she has given me to become more present in my life, even after just one conversation."



"A Boldness call with Alexandra was a way for me to CLAIM MY DREAMS.

To see, touch, taste, smell, and breathe into the potential of my desires becoming my actual reality. It felt like a delicious treat and precious gift to be prompted in uprooting my deepest held visions for myself, while also given the space to identify what seems to be getting in the wayTo be compassionately witnessed in the process was how my mind's repetitive stories about what I hope for myself were able to bloom into something new, something that felt much more possible, something that I can take bold action toward. It's exciting, courageous, vulnerable, powerful stuff."

Halley Miglietta is an intuitive healer and holistic coach specializing in helping people to activate their creativity and navigate their emotions for inspired, abundant, grateful living.

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