What is a Next Chapter Coach?

photo by Anna Sullivan

photo by Anna Sullivan

Are you someone who is in a transitional stage in life…

…ready for or in the middle of a career change?

…retiring from a collegiate or professional sport?

…you’ve relocated, or are getting ready to relocate (across town, to a new city/state/country)?

…wondering if applying to an institution of higher learning is in your future?

…starting your own business?

…preparing to retire?

…following your dreams!?


As your future Next Chapter Coach, I will guide you to discover — and boldly move towards—what’s next in your life!

Are you ready for an up-level?


You've got a deep sense that you're meant for bigger, better, more fabulous...


You're hungry for something…

You’re longing to find what will satiate that thirst, that desire…

Could you use some support while you walk your path toward what’s next on this grand life adventure?


Let's have a conversation and explore what could be possible!


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