The One-Degree Shift

unkempt spaces? a creature’s food trap? art? 

yes, &...

shifted perspectives can mean the difference between flowers and weeds, cobwebs and art, faults and assets, successes and failures... the choice is yours.

sometimes it’s impossible to identify alternative viewpoints because what we are looking at is too close to us; we have limited perspectives because of personal biases and belief systems. 🕸
another’s point of view could be the one degree shift needed to change an entire reality from doomed and hopeless to “holy shit, I’m actually going in the right direction... and i’m excited about what’s ahead AND what’s happening now!”

sounds useful, right!? i love the expansiveness i feel when teachers/friends/coaches/therapists i love and respect and value offer new ways to think of my particular struggles. the challenge becomes more manageable, and i often get a better understanding of the learnings in store for me... even in the discomfort and annoyance and suffering.

how might new perspectives shift your reality? 
what’s getting in the way of you going toward your boldest, most courageous life?