Energy Tool Tuesday - SPECIAL EDITION - Spellcasting!

it’s energy tool tuesday—SPECIAL EDITION!! i was recently reminded of the power we each individually possess in the realm of SPELLCASTING.

what i mean is: every last one of us has the inherent ability to speak our dreams into existence.

sounds too good to be true, right!?
(i see you, skeptics and naysayers, ‘cause i used to be you.)
it’s really quite simple, & might be a little abstract/“wtf is she talking about?” brow furrow-inducing. but hear me out!! it’s real. i LIVE this shit.

here’s how you manifest your dreams, in a nutshell:

1) get really clear on what it is you want for yourself. new relationship with someone amazing? an ideal job situation? the most perfect coach who will help you reach your goals? a sweet new ride? doesn’t matter what it is... the key here is clarity, and the confidence that you deserve exactly what you want... OR SOMETHING BETTER.

2) stream-of-consciousness style, describe the thing TO A WITNESS. this is VERY important! someone must hear what you’re saying... and, the more people who hear it, the better! this is how universal energy can conspire to help what you want flow in your direction.

3) TRUST!! you WILL get the thing, even if it doesn’t look *exactly* the way you imagined. it will probably look and feel BETTER than you thought possible. just remember to stay open to endless possibilities!

i am a walking, breathing example of how spellcasting is effective AF: on oct 19, over a delightful meal of spicy ramen, my friend asked me what i was looking for in an ideal partner. that question rocked me to my core, and i answered him truthfully, completely, no holding back, describing my person and how i would feel with them. i shit you not, i MET THAT PERSON THE NEXT DAY, not even 12 hours later. this stuff WORKS. i happen to be a master manifestor, as this practice has helped me get what i want again and again and again. i so deeply believe in the universe conspiring to support us in our lives because i have experienced it repeatedly.

wanna get more clear on what you want for yourself? I CAN HELP!! let’s talk. and start manifesting your dreams!!

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