Energy Tool Tea-usday

it’s energy tool tuesday!! this one’s really simple YET so effective for when you’re feeling stressed out after midterm elections, or a big project with a tight deadline you’re working on, or you just wanna wind down before bed... drink some hot tea!! i know i know, the standard prescribed #CTFO remedy, but it’s real! my current favorite pre-sleep ritual herbs are: chamomile+catnip+lavender.

i’m not a doctor or herbalist, so please check with your trusted people who might advise these things for you prior to consuming anything you read about on the internet. (i love you.) slowing down long enough to sip a steaming mug full of a relaxing plant elixir is such a sweet gift to yourself, and will do wonders in changing your energetic body.

what are your favorite relaxing remedies? let me know in the comments!