Energy Tool Tuesday - Say Hello to FEAR

When you notice yourself getting stuck in analysis paralysis, that thing holding you back from taking action on _________, it’s probably your little i, aka your inner critic, trying to keep you SMALL.
How to handle them/get them to shhhhhhh:

1) Notice their voice! “Ah, this isn’t me, it’s my inner critic!”
2) Acknowledge their existence: ”Hello, [Perfect Planning Priscilla], I see you and hear you...”
3) Thank them for their protection. “...Thank you for trying to keep me safe...”
4) "...I (HELLA) GOT THIS."

See what happens when you pay attention to them for just a moment. Watch how they quiet down and your energy shifts!

If you'd like a more detailed exploration of your Inner Critic and/or Inner Leader, I have a handful of free 1:1 breakthrough sessions available! I'd LOVE nothing more than to support you in finding your FREEDOM!
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I love you!