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I trust myself and my intuition first.

I embody delightful brilliance, and consistently create powerful, intuitive, playful, joyous experiences overflowing with possibility.

I explore the depths of my darkness.

I've refocused my lens to live a life of abundance and gratitude.

I've broken my own heart. I've broken the hearts of others.

I navigate rivers & the urban wilderness, and magically assimilate my connections with nature into powerful metaphorical teaching tools.

I've climbed mountains and crossed oceans.

I've traveled the world. 14 countries in four years. And have lived and worked in three of them. Solo.

Metaphors are my jam. 

My life's mantras are "let's see what happens" and "try (almost) everything once."

I've completed 500 hours of counseling training. I teach and assist in self-care classes and gratitude circles for women.

I'm willing to have the hard conversations.

I speak my truths, in openness, clarity, and honesty.

I let go of people and things that do not serve my highest good.

I take really damn good care of myself.

A lifelong learner, I take risks, live to process the lessons, and grow.

An embodiment of my personal living masterpiece-in-progress, I am my greatest accomplishment.

I live, and learn, and these lessons are in my bones. 

In my words.

And in my wisdom.